How should I take the Nourish by SK supplements?

We recommend you have two capsules daily with water ideally with breakfast or lunch. If you have had sensitivity to supplements in the past or have certain intolerances to supplementation, we recommend starting with 1 capsule daily and build up the dose to two over the course of 3 weeks. Remember if you are in any doubt or take medication/have a condition we recommend speaking to your doctor before commencing with Nourish by SK supplements.

How long until I start to see a difference?

A minimum of three months is advised to take the supplementation for maximum benefit. The results will depend on the person and their specific circumstances and health status. Some of the clients have reported to notice a difference in thickness and strength within weeks of taking Nourish by SK Hair Formula.    

Can I take Nourish by SK with my other supplements and medication?

It is advised to take Nourish by SK products away from other supplementation and medication. It is vital that you are not exceeding any dose of nutrients therefore speak to a Nutritionist for advice on supplementation in addition to Nourish by SK products. Nourish by SK products are designed to provide all rounded wellness as well as target specific body functions. Also, if you are taking any medication, check with your doctor for any possible interactions and contraindications. If you experience any unusual or severe symptoms of any kind, stop taking Nourish by SK products and seek medical advice immediately.

Why Nourish by SK?

Our products have been formulated by an expert nutritionist, Sana Khan, who has years of experience in nutritional therapy.

If I take the Hair formula, will this also help my skin?

Problematic skin is often linked to nutritional deficiencies, stress, compromised digestion and poor sleeping patterns. The Hair Formula contains a wide range of nutrients to support the above body systems as our body works in synergy. Moreover, most nutrients required to support hair health are equally required to support skin health and nails.

Are Nourish by SK products safe during pregnancy/breastfeeding?

We do not recommend taking the Nourish by SK products when pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are in doubt, speak to your doctor.

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