Amazing formula! My hair is shining more than ever and does not shed as much as it used to. I would highly recommend these products, it’s definitely worked wonders for my hair and skin. Thank u SK!

Sarah F

After taking the Hair Formula I have realised my hair getting fuller and more shiny having curly hair could be difficult and a struggle to look after but this formula is helping me improve the quality of my hair. Not just that but I am also sleeping more relaxed and my mind feels more full of energy, I use to always feel as my brains tired all the time. As after taking the tablets after having my lunch I firstly had a nice nap and had some good deep sleep at night and then since I woke up my mind feels so much different and fresh right now I feel much more relaxed and my mind feels good and calm and relaxed this is making me feel so much better have to say! Thank you for creating such a great product Sana!

Omar Nawaz

I’ve been taking the Nourish tablets for nearly one month now, and I have seen a huge difference in my hair, my hair has not only got thicker and feels stronger i can tell a difference in my length and can definitely say my hair has grown!
My hair looks and feels so soft, and when I use to wash my hair, my hair use to fall out in chunks but whenever I wash my hair now my hair does not fall out the slightest.
Sana is a nutritionist, and has formulated these capsules with the best ingredients and because of her knowledge she knows exactly which ingredients would help the hair and she has nailed it with these tablets and I definitely think these tablets should be sold in pharmacies/ healthcare shops! You neee to try it to believe it! And I agree with the review above stating these tablets help relaxation because it actually does, I’ve been sleeping so well and it’s onlt because I’m getting the nutrients I need.
We want to see more products by SK!


I bought the bundle and all I can say is WOW! I love love the vitamins… my hair had been falling a lot and were dry even after oiling regularly. I thought to give these a go and before I got them I had a balayage n low lights done and since taking the vitamins my hair has been incredibly soft and less fall and breakage. Sana has done a great job and I hope that she comes out with something incredible for skin too. I’ll be a customer forever

Nadia Rashid

Long story short- Ive been trying out loads of different things for my hair. Ive always had thin hair and its been an issue since I was 18. Im a male and initially thought it was male balding but turns out it wasnt that at all.
Tried different diets, shampoos- literally the lot.
I kid you not, since ive been using 6 month supply, my hair is returning! Thicker!
Could not have been more thankful and Miss Sana Khan genuinely spent every second of her time talking to be about how to tackle it.
Uped my confidence for life!
Thank you to the best Nutrional Consultant!

Josh Peterson

Thankyou so much Sana for formulating these capsules. I don’t normally write reviews but I was left with no choice as these capsules are full of nutrition’s. I have been taking these for two months now and the results are amazing. People have commented on my skin since taking them. My skin has improved so much. No more dryness, skin feels soft and radiant. I would recommend these to anyone looking to improve their skin and hair health. I agree with all the comments above. You have done an excellent job Sana!


Hi Sana!
Im using your Hair Formula vitamins for last 2 1/2months and noticed much less hair falling already and would say its really working for me and worth it. Ordered and received another 3 more bottles to top up my hair treatment further.
Thank you x

Jeyanthy Ramanan

Hey Sana just want to a big big thanks. The nourish tablets are definitely working, as even my grandma has said o me my hair looks a lot longer, thicker and shinier as she wasn't happy when I cut it soo short a couple of months ago. i can confirm im not a blogger/influencer and I have bought nourish myself so I'm not getting paid or anything to even give a review. its honest and i think you've really worked hard and put the best ingredients in the formula, especially as a nutritionist you kow what ingredient would help what! Thankyou and I shall send you my before and after pic of my hair in a couple of days so your customers know what to expect

Sundas Alam

hey Sana, hope you are well. i thought I share some good positive feedback that I ecieved from my mum! after a few weeks she feinally noticed changes in her hair such as felt it had got slightly longer and fuller! Your capsules are magic! They are amazing and do the job! i can say they are the best in the market as previsouly before when my mum would take other hair and nail tablets, she never said to me I can see results the way she said it about Nourish by SK. 

Farah Ahmed

Thankyou so much Nourish by SK not only has your supplement helped my hair, it has also helped my nails! Cant thank you enough!

Sara Jabir