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Our range is carefully formulated to help support maintenance of health, wellbeing and beauty.


Our products have been extensively researched and developed with high quality ingredients.

Our formulas are unique blends including naturally sourced nutrients

Our best selling Hair Formula is the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle and diet. Manufactured in the UK, we are proud to only use ingredients of high quality. Scientific evidence has been pivotal in the development of our formulas. Our supplement formulas are also Vegan friendly.


Nourish By SK’s beauty and lifestyle range extends our values further as selected by our founder Sana Khan who believes in a holistic approach- whether it is for your hair or skin.


In our products, we strive to use naturally sourced ingredients where possible, which are derived from phytonutrient and natural food sources.


Examples include Vitamin C deriving from Acerola Cherries and Flavanols from cocoa extract.

“Our Hair and Skin truly reflects our inner functioning. Nourish by SK is all about

 maintaining and sustaining health”

Sana Khan,
Founder of Nourish by SK

Note from Sana Khan

No matter where you are on your journey to a healthy lifestyle, I want to help you reach your goals.


Nourish by SK was born out of my own experience with battling frequent acne and hair loss as a teen. Over the years, I engaged in a lot of trial and error to find a solution that worked for me. Having acknowledged the importance of good nutrition, I began my personal and professional study into its link with hair health and treating hair loss conditions.


With a background in aesthetics & nutrition, I was inspired to develop a formula that would help men and women manage hair loss and other hair related issues.

What began as a personal study to assist my clients with maintaining healthy hair, has now evolved into an established brand dedicated to delivering an avenue to reaching results for men and women all over the world. From designing my own packaging to watching batches fly off the virtual shelves, Nourish by Sana Khan has been a labour of love for me.


To say I am grateful for your trust and faith in Nourish by Sana Khan is an understatement, we hope to forever support your health and wellbeing journey!

Love, Sana Khan