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Set of 2 Silk Pillowcase

Set of 2 Silk Pillowcase

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100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase
Size: 50cm x 75cm

Beauty Sleep. Benefits for Hair and Skin, with a smooth feel. Promised by many skin specialists and beauty experts. Caress your skin with the sensual feel of our 100% pure mulberry silk pillow in 22 momme (6A). 22 momme is our recommended one as it indicates top quality silk which can be much kinder to skin and hair.

Pure Mulberry silk has been shown to be much kinder on skin because it is:

  • + non absorbent therefore will not dehydrate the skin, with plenty of anti-aging benefits!
  • + causes much less friction then other materials, which may help minimise wrinkles and hair breakage
  • + hypoallergenic which is ideal for allergy sufferers!
  • + a luxurious feel which can improve quality of sleep for many
  • + Mulberry Silk is 100% natural unlike Satin which is manmade and synthetic, often contains polyester (plastic based), is not hypoallergenic, and is not temperature regulating.
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